Mom Knows Everything

Mom Knows everything

Hey readers

Today is the day when Navneet the writer turned into Youtuber with her Youtube channel named SeasonOfNav Today she has posted her channel’s first youtube video titled “Mom Knows Everything” This video is totally, wholly dedicated to her mother as well to all the mother’s in the world who all are our personal investigators.


This video is really close to her heart being her first youtube video. I really hope that you all like the content and like, comment, share the video. Do subscribe her channel SeasonOfNav its a effort of a small little girl in the big world. Make her entry special in the youtube world. Support her. Thanks 🙂 God bless you all.







Fly above the cloud

If u think u r STRONG enough for all hardships life brings… then be an Eagle… here am not saying that birds are weak… sometimes so many battles won and loosed so no more battles to be fought are the option … 

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